Sunday, January 17, 2010

Publications (by Rolf Hughes): on writing and research 2006-2009

Hughes, Rolf 2009. “Pressures Of the Unspeakable: Communicating practice as research” in Verbeke, J and Jakimowicz, A, ed. Communicating (by) Design, Proceedings of the colloquiem 'Communicating (by) Design' at Sint-Lucas Brussels from 15th-17th April 2009. Chalmers University of Technology & School of Architecture Sint-Lucas, pp. 247-259. ISBN 9789081323802 [PDF available].

Hughes, Rolf 2009. “A Different Set of Tools” in Hjemdal T I, ed. Conditions (Magazine for Architecture and Urbanism, Oslo). 2nd issue: on Copy and Interpretation, November 2009. [PDF available].

Hughes, Rolf 2009. “A Classroom Without Qualities: or, Where to begin this conversation?” in Martens, S, Verbeke, J and Jakimowicz, A, ed. Reflections 9, Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, Brussels, pp. 33-40. [PDF available]

Hughes, Rolf 2009. ”The Art of Displacement: Designing experiential systems and transverse epistemologies as conceptual criticism” in Doucet, I and Cupers, K ed., Footprint (Delft School of Design Journal), Issue # 4, Agency in Architecture: Reframing Criticality in Theory and Practice (Spring 2009), pp.49-63 [PDF available]

Hughes, Rolf 2007. “THE DROWNING METHOD: On Giving an Account in Practice-based Research” in Critical Architecture ed. Jonathan Hill and Jane Rendell (London and NY: Routledge, 2007) [PDF available].

Hughes, Rolf 2007. “The Hybrid Muse: Creative and Critical Writing in/as Practice-Based Research” keynote lecture from “The Unthinkable Doctorate” conference (NETHCA and Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, Brussels, April 2005) published in The Unthinkable Doctorate, Brussels: Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, 2007.

Hughes, Rolf 2006. The Poetics of practice-based research writing in Heynen, H ed.The Journal of Architecture Volume 11, Number 3 (London and NY: Routledge, 2006) [PDF available].

Hughes, Rolf 2006. “Room within a View: A conversation on writing (&) architecture by Katja Grillner and Rolf Hughes” OASE 70 Special issue on Architecture and Literature (ed. Klaske Havik, TU Delft Faculty of Architecture, Netherlands, 2006).

Hughes, Rolf 2006. “Creation Story” (prose poem rendered as an artwork by acclaimed graphic designer Laurie Haycock Makela) in SIMPLE: An exhibition of art, design, sound and literature (January 21-February 25 2006) exhibition organized by Ronald Jones and Laurie Haycock Makela for Milliken Gallery, Stockholm (featuring work by Hilma Af Klimt, Florian Böhm, Jonas Bohlin, Björn Hellström, Rolf Hughes, Reed Kram, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Clemens Weisshaar, Andrea Zittel) Milliken Gallery, Stockholm January 21-February 25 2006. [PDF available].